• Kala Kali

    Nothing is beyond Kala except Kali.

    I was swimming – a new hobby of mine – watching my shadow on the pool floor. Working on gliding in the breaststroke, the stretching of the arms reminding me of urdhva hastasana and the idea that when you keep your body too tense your joints push out of line. Rather that line is proper or not there is a balance between effort and ease. A familiar concept yoga practitioners learn in asana practice.

    Now what if I take the shadow in the above scenario and call it Kali. Why not? She is described as dark and beautiful and when you see your shadow gliding along, you want to go to it or even rest in it. So you do. You rest all that tension, all that buoyancy, the air in your lungs, the thoughts in your head and the tension and find that you are finally gliding. Your mind gets proud, you feel your body move again and slowly all the thoughts come back in and you reach, look at your shadow and start over again.

    That discomfort is kala. Time. Not time as in living is difficult or hard or worthless – some illusion that only fools cling to. No. Living is the focal point between Kala and Kali. A point where the two blend – the ability to go beyond and be completely normal.

  • Involved In Living

    December 10, 2016 Will Duprey Uncategorized

    used to know all the names of the song
    now I know the experiences of the words

  • write clearly

    November 23, 2016 Will Duprey Uncategorized

    A homeless man came up to me, through a leg upon the large, concrete block I was sitting on, looked at me with permanent shiftless eyes, rested elbow to his knee and looked at me.
    “Can I help you,” I asked, not in a polite way or the way I do when interviewing some of the fellas that I have befriended interviewing in Devil’s Triangle.
    “I dunno know,” he replied and looked as if trying to look through me.
    I looked down, jotted something of no substance, agitated by his aggressive approach. There was something about it that made me feel vulnerable or wanting to defend myself initially.
    “Why do you write?”
    I don’t even remember my reply.
    “Is your mind clear?”
    I hesitated to answer, to which he said, “Too long to answer!” and “I used to write, in the past. Before this life. Now, I think it’s bullshit” and he smiled and laughed. “Cubans are crazy!”
    Neither agreeing or disagreeing but smiling, I asked, “Is your mind clear?”
    “That person walking by, with his friend, what do you think he is thinking about? What’s going on his mind?”
    He replied, “I dunno.”
    “He’s thinking about life, the world, acquiring things, false happiness, women, work and all the things external to his own self content,” I said.
    He looked at me.
    “That’s why I write.”
    He shook my hand, hugged me and I rode my bike through town.

  • for Someone

    September 17, 2016 Will Duprey Uncategorized

    together again
    in time –
    Her mouth
    flooded with stars
    In her thighs
    My hands
    stir the universe

            (for someone) 
  • dream in wind

    When I look into you[r face]

    the world that used to be

    stands distinct from now 
    The wind is at my discretion 

    I use it wisely, to surround

     us, shake you, draw

     you into me
    I trace a finger amongst 

    Blades of grass

    Palm trees married by hammock

    Heart married by hand
    What kind of wind is this? 

    You say I’m doing this. 

    I look up in the sky, laughing 

    Heart joins the sky, laughing 

  • sukha dukha

    I miss you and adore you. It’s been so long since I’ve had a loving woman friend in my life – in close proximity- in the ways in which we used to share even in moments. I miss that dearly. I am learning so much, many human experiences in my life and of these relationships I have chosen in lifting people up and moving them on from one place to the next and being alone…not only by choice but by the nature of my own energy and being a point of completion, cutting, rebirth to so many. I find myself wild, calm, but unsteady wrapped up in others desires…and today, I peeled off that lens. I know I’m here to transform not only internally but move people form place to place, healer, helper, speaker, but I think I need a hand, I’ve been sad and I’ve been down with the weight and desire I have been wrapped up in….pleasing others…

  • #4

    Violence in thighs
    Stomach channel, she says

    Woo is the sound
    Dissipating historical fathering

    No cards – Happy Birthday!
    Scoop me up – I need you
    to navigate life

    Life could be better
    I don’t even know what you look like

    Stranger in the street
    Hug a stranger? Love a stranger? Are you my dad?

    Are you my savior
    The answer to –

    My crazy fucking mother
    Not handling her shit

    You not handling your shit
    My shit is not your shit
    – your shit fertilizing my flowers

    I chopped the heads off
    Momma had a baby…

    Peel the stalk
    Bracelet of nature

    My love – nature
    The sun, my first love, the moon, trees

    The way water moves
    Trail, bank, logic –
    Settling in me, around me

    What’s my relationship with God?

    I can’t care for you
    I can’t fulfill you
    mend you
    save you.
    Can you save me?
    Hold me?

    I’m the seed
    of all you never knew
    Beyond stars

    Secure to sky
    Universe holds me
    Love. Wind. Winding trees through
    your fingers.

    Sand slips through
    you’re not in my arms.

  • Untitled

    We seek familiar
    Everything tragic is all too familiar

    Everything beautiful is
    That’s involution

    Change is constant, a moment lost or loved
    Self awareness is unfamiliar

    Labels have no home