Now you are ready to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga


The program works with three main components: immersions, practicums and in person study.

Each section is handcrafted with the depth of a traditional study but expanded into a modern approach.

The program components are at once symbiotic and independent — you can start the program at any time with the same results. 

Hathavidya is a Yoga Alliance accredited 300 Hour Registered Yoga School.


The Hathavidya Yoga 300hr Yoga Teacher Training manifested as an immersion program so that the modern student and teacher can integrate yogic philosophy where it counts – living fully! 

The Immersion components impart a full living yoga practice. The process works from within and is modeled after years of study while living with a teacher in a traditional manner. Two Immersions are offered per year to retreat from your day-to-day and dive deep into yoga.

This enhanced curriculum for practitioners and teachers is a cultivated space full of invaluable tools for the manipulation of physical and energetic systems – the power of yoga! You will also interact with a broad spectrum of practitioners in an authentic community.


       Fire of Purification: develop that burn for living, initiating the fire within.

       Journey to Self: embracing the journey to that initial inquiry, your relationship to consciousness.

Starting with an immersion initiates your study into the Hathavidya Yoga 300 Hour YTT.

The Practicum components, offer dedicated points of time to capture the authentic study experience while weaving the practices into life!

A specific sadhana – a detailed daily self-practice relating to energy – is initiated in each practicum. This creates authenticity in tradition with accountability for the individual. The sadhana is crucial for authentic, experiential yoga and brings practical, livable knowledge to a cultivated personal study.

The beauty of these practicums is fostered through lecture, personal attention and online course material which integrate energetic and biophysical systems in a clear, functional way.

Included in the tuition of the immersion, the practicum follows the corresponding immersion. Along with the in person study, they guide you into an informed and strong, personal practice. The In Person Study is scheduled individually. 

The In Person Study — like traditional one to one study — is the true key to an impactful integration of yoga and is necessary for transmitting the knowledge and energy of the yogic tradition

Of all the segments, this is the most individualized portion — the main ingredient is you! Each journey is unique. You learn the art of practice and teaching to bring your self into the world through living.

Together, using a traditional approach to completely craft the most in-depth yoga practice for you, we lift the veil to go beyond the collective community experience into an integral immersion of self-awareness!


  • Sadhana for awareness of one’s own potentiality

  • Purusharthas and their role in yogic thought

  • Mantra theory with relationship to daily living

  • Nadi, chakra, bandha theory

  • Mantra and asana accessed through energy

  • Kriya, mudra, kosha and physiology

  • Asana and pranayama for practical use and energetic assessment

  • Pranavidya and prana shakti development

  • Learn to assess energy in asana and pranayama

  • Sacred texts; traditional and modern approach to the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika and various samhitas

  • in-depth study of samkya, yoga as well as orthodox and unorthodox schools of thought


Fire of Purification immersion                             

  • Malaysia — February 22-February 29, 2020

Journey to Self immersion

  • Vermont — September 20-September 26, 2020

in person study                                

Total Retreat Cost: $3500 Per Immersion

  •    Super Early Bird (2 months before training begins): $2850 *save $550

  •    Early Bird (one month before training begins):  $3250 *save $250

Total In Person Study Cost: $1250

All components require a $1000 non-refundable deposit required upon registration. Full tuition must be paid before the beginning of each program. 

Applications for payment plans are accepted. Details are determined on an individual basis.

A completed application is required for each program component.

Included in your total tuition: Hathavidya Yoga training materials and hand-crafted sadhanas;  meals and lodging on immersion program; and 300 hours of accredited Yoga Alliance study provided by Hathavidya. 

Let's begin!

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The Hathavidya Yoga 300hr YTT provides a network of support through practice and study in the Hathavidya approach — the knowledge of the physical self to attain control of the mental self or raja yoga.

Hathavidya supports you in building a teaching career through providing regular availability to online attendance of regular 200 hour programming — always good to refresh our understanding of the basics.

Practicums are also available when enrolled in continued study to repeat all absolutely free while enrolled in the program.

All course material and texts will be provided by Hathavidya and is included in tuition price.

You can access the director’s blog which is full of valuable resources on yoga and philosophy. It’s a must read!

The Immersion portion of the program includes meals and accommodations. Transportation is not included in the immersion or any other course. Check-in for the retreat is 3:00 PM on the first day and ends at 10:00 AM on the last day.

The In Person Study can be taken as a stand alone course and paired with Practicums for a unique year long study. Schedule your session here.

Journals — part of the mentorship — must be handed in monthly. This allows for feedback on your process and support for you as you move through energetic practices and perspective shifts.

 The Hathavidya Yoga 300hr YTT takes one year to complete.