star people

When I was born, there was breath and a wind came and took your breath away. When you were born, your breath was taken, the wind came and gave your breath back. Your heart was beating with energy from our people, my people, they move from the light of the stars and are earthed by the body of my dust. I am the seed of their memories. I am the seed of their intentions and I am never-ending. The story they tell is of me but not me. My essence shields them, protects them, brings about a vibration for life. All desires are toward me and none are in me. Even those that motivate become extinguished with time. Without darkness, I am still light, a suggestion, hint of that which is unnamed and yet to come. If I explode, I will take you with me, without me, you would not be here. If you were not here, I would exist for the both of us. If you cry, I worship your tears, sorrow, death and shift my energy to the other world to keep dancing with you. I wear your name longer and with less importance. I sense you and you sensing me. My senses reveal the depth of the world and all that is not of this world. Order comes to me. Chaos is stillness. Confidence is demolished by nature and righteousness of life lived fully. Transparency is the great knife of detachment. Holding it is another skill. The back of my hand, the front of my hand. Your back, your heart, you intentions. My ancestors fall into my breath as I expand beyond sight. I sit in the universe as the seed of energy, a light dust that holds formlessness and form.