Monthly Vidya for Hathavidya

“KNOWLEDGE only is eternal; it is without beginning or end; there exists no other real substance. The diversities which we see in the world are results of sense-condition; when the latter cease, then knowledge only, and nothing else, remain.” - Siva Samhita

There are various schools of logic, even within schools of logic. Ultimately, the goal is simple - self realization. The journey we take is individual however we are in fact fragmented forms of consciousness. The fragmentation - living - causes us to experience things in the natural world and some of those things may be disharmony, misperception, and other aspects of the mind that can lead one away from experience of self - the true nature of the self. Being that the individual self is part of the grand complete self there is only contentment beyond joy there.

I believe this poses another question: Why be born? If we are continually coming back around then certainly we have a choice. Power. The greatest power. Not power in the way we look at it, as in a manipulation but into change. After all, who desires to go back into the world where the the goal of realization is difficult? Going beyond the diversities we see and experience, we must be all brave soldiers! Change and rebirth allows to be warriors of knowledge. We count coup; brave in the battle, we abandon weapons to touch the fear from our system and to dismantle the idea of it being possessed by another.

When I sort through all of this - logic, life, path of a yogi - we are on a living continuim with an undetermined amount of time yet we are subject to time. We are subject to pleasure and pain. Yet, we seek to go beyond.

This passage has been a concept that shapes how I move about in the world and to summarize into something shorter - follow the knowledge, not the teacher. Allow the teacher to lead you into this quest.