Recent gun arguments are for bystanders who should be armed during attacks while gun permits do not require one to be trained in tactics to save oneself or others, to suppress or oppress with gunfire when your purchasing power comes without background check or, at best, how to handle and care for a weapon.

I am not against gun carrying or use of guns. I have nothing against protecting yourself or your family, but most people I grew up with would settle a disagreement with words and never with a tool.

The belief system of “if one had citizens who were armed to protect their own persons” sets up ideals toward blaming the victim and, in these cases, for visiting a park, being a cafe patron, or enjoying a night out. If not victimization, it sets a different system of belief that somehow you could have done something — guilt for getting out alive or without bodily injury and that you could have done more.

The argument of gun carrying detracts from the events at hand by creating victimization, blame or shame. Further, if I do not believe in carrying a weapon, should I dress my child in bulletproof vests to walk about town or traveling aboard? Can I even bring a vest as a carry-on to another country or within the states? Is the effort in airport security the same as homeland security?

Fear has set into the American public. I know people who want to barricade themselves into their own land and create maximum security systems to not be personally attacked. What seems like protection has become self-imprisonment or an idea of not contributory to the system, and going off-the-grid is viewed as not supporting a failed system.

Fear has created limitation in growth, feeling safe, progressing, living with freedom. It is in the mind, in our actions, words, gripping attachment.

When I think of the practices of yoga, it is not even for the aim of enlightenment but reshaping the our own mental patterns and the global perspective of living enriched.

I am certainly not trying to offer another problem nor am I giving a clear argument for a measured change. Perhaps that is okay to say this: I want to be free, feel free and see my world reflected in the way in which I hold my mind (in clarity and peace) and I would not like to see the increase of fear.