Violence in thighsStomach channel, she says

Woo is the sound Dissipating historical fathering

No cards – Happy Birthday! Scoop me up - I need you to navigate life

Life could be better I don’t even know what you look like

Stranger in the street Hug a stranger? Love a stranger? Are you my dad?

Are you my savior The answer to -

My crazy fucking mother Not handling her shit

You not handling your shit My shit is not your shit - your shit fertilizing my flowers

I chopped the heads off Momma had a baby…

Peel the stalk Bracelet of nature

My love - nature The sun, my first love, the moon, trees

The way water moves Trail, bank, logic - Settling in me, around me

Question: What’s my relationship with God?

I can’t care for you I can’t fulfill you mend you save you. Can you save me? Hold me?

I’m the seed of all you never knew wanted Beyond stars

Secure to sky Universe holds me Love. Wind. Winding trees through your fingers.

Sand slips through you’re not in my arms.