Free of Distractions

I was thinking of you this morning. Not the ‘you’ in a particular someone but the collective ‘you.’ Those of you that I have spent time with in my life. 

I was sitting, meditating, and I saw you, the one wants to hear your own song in the universe. 

I know you as a healer... a practitioner of self awareness... one who is healing... helping... living life honestly... stepping more into 'you.' 

As thought continued, distractions came to mind. Distractions of the world. Distractions within our own culture, interests, time spent with others. We even become distracted from that which we love, adore, cherish, honor. 

I was in a state where I was seeing all the lovely distractions that come our way on this path and in this life practice. The uniformity in the mechanics of a practice, how we are suppose to do, feel, think, put on and talk about. The many number of products and programs that not enhance but tempt us with an idea of lack… Something is missing inside, is out of balance, incomplete, and on and on...

I say this openheartedly. I teach and offer programs. My intention is to offer a book within the year… One that I have been working on for several years.  Instead, the thoughts was was about reducing the distraction/s so you can peer into the self. 

It distraction, it is honest to ask questions: 

Am I aligned with my sense of purpose? Does what I do uplift me? Do my practices allow me deeper understanding or self-awareness? Which distractions reduce my self power? 

The framework of the questions can extend into all areas of life. How should it all look to you? How does if feel? What does it look like? Who are your mentors? Guides? 

Much of my writing is open-ended. I would not insult you by drawing conclusions for you. What I can tell you is that I am thinking of ‘you’ and I am here to assist in this journey.