Delighting Death

 “Wherever the mind of the individual finds satisfaction (without agitation) let it be concentrated on that. In every such case the true nature of the highest bliss will manifest itself.” ~ Jaivdeva Singh

Snow was falling in such a particular way this morning and I wanted to share it. I grabbed my phone to memorialize this moment of delight. The balcony was in the shot. The roof angle of a nearby house was in the way. And I could not capture the snow covered tree limbs in front of church steeple... Or the river with ducks waddling on icy banks.

I was no longer in my delight. In fact, I was not even focusing on the same thing that brought me into the onset of delight. The snow became the photo angle and elements in the presumed picture. The satisfaction that I felt in that moment, the pleasant way the snow was sliding through the sky, lost.

The quote above is so defining of the mind. A joy enters. An experience and a need follows. And though part of our humanness is to be confidante, the aim to capture or leave a legacy, uproots our delight.

Our built up following... likes... dislikes... Trying to grab slices of delight. At the root of our mental whimsy is the deep impression of death.

Wait!? What?! How did I get there?

To be in a source of delight, when we plunge into great depth, we lose control and the clinging to life.

As subtle as it is, sharing dulls the experience. We move away from the delighted state empty, without capture. We could get into self importance over self understanding. And in short, we avoid the pain of loss and that we, ourselves are losing joy, harmony in the ordinary.

Our need to share can push self importance over self understanding. Sharing has become a measure to keep us alive. To show that we can experience something worth sharing is some sense of lunacy. To share is to exist then not exist and to try and exist again.

To share is also to stop your transcending nature. We cling to life instead of the floating delight of the universe.

Sharing this post with you with an attempt... to disrupt your day with contemplation and absorption into the delight.