This course provides meaningful practices in mantra and pranayama with an emphasis on understanding the subtle energy through a constant practice (sadhana).

The emphasis on the subtle body allows us to experientially examine energetic pathways (nadis), chakras, and the nervous system without having to intellectually over-examine information. 

The experiential nature further ties into our mental wellbeing and physical vibrancy through practical exercises and lessons. 

Specific lectures on subtle systems are provided to make yoga practices impactful and digestible, aiding understanding and integration. 

When these systems are in harmony, we are able to go beyond technique, into the life purpose and harmony that these practices create. 

This is for the beginner who may have some exposure to pranayama (prana gathering practices) and mantra practice as well as those with only a strong curiosity for mantra and pranayama. 

This series combines a historical view of mantra through story with supportive fact-based practices of the energetic body and breathing. 

This course will move through the following material in simple practices that you can use to impact a current practice or serves as a standalone one:




Gaayatri Mantra

Specific Pranayama Techniques

Four States of Consciousness


LOCATION: Downloadable Course, Delivered April 15th

Cost: $40 via Venmo at: will-duprey 

(include email address upon payment