Light On Hatha Yoga
is a poetic interpretation and translation of the Hathayogapradipika
by Will Duprey.

The first chapter of the text examines 11 principle poses that were taught by Sri Adinatha (Shiva) to his disciples. The poses represent the number of poses that are most effective in the total poses that make up asana.

Asana being the first practice and made to create health, steadiness and lightness. A specific sadhana – a detailed self-practice relating to energy – is initiated in each practicum and can be extended throughout the year.


This creates authenticity in tradition with accountability for the individual. The sadhana becomes crucial for authentic, experiential yoga and brings practical, livable knowledge into a cultivated personal study.


The beauty of a practicum is cultivated in the live lecture, personal attention and course material and how they integrate energetic and biophysical systems in a clear, functional way. 


The practicums carry you into an informed and strong, personal practice — think of these as time-intensive, portable curriculums.


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Sessions: January 25-january 27

Time: 7pm-9pm friday & 8am-5Pm saturday & Sunday

cost: $750