Hathavidya YOGA independent study

We all have purpose and harmony within.

As a yoga mentor, the foundation of methods in which I have developed are aimed at an enriching practice and a clear personal journey.

The self-awareness techniques that I use cut through the noise accumulated in our everyday living.

I see myself as a helper of humans, using yoga as a tool to allow one in returning to their true inner nature.

The Independent Study aims at individual clarity and divine purpose while connecting to an enhanced life.

When the individual is seen wholely, without the noise, they reveal the sincere truth of a powerful and vivid living experience.

How do I do this?!

  • I build a personal theory and practice based on your own aspirations and interpersonal topics.

  • Together, through monthly online sessions we direct mental emotional energy into substantial results.

  • When asked to define yoga or spirituality we can have as many answers as there are theories — let’s set theory aside and give clear meaning to your own personal compass.

Engaging in practice, by putting faith in his words, one gets perfection.
— The Hatha Yoga Pradipika