7.5 stars for yoga credentialing

Within most of academia there is a system to measure competency of the student.This does not exist in yoga credentialing systems.

Instead, the emphasis is on the performance of the educator rather than the ability of the student.

Two-fold this creates a platform for the teacher to walk yielding notoriety when applause is given and pitfall when scorned for not being yogi enough.

Further, this allows the student to determine what is actually a proper path for them and in turn nothing is learned except a new pattern established in continued internal struggles and a lack of respect for educators.

Imagine the process of metamorphosis hurried by incision. The wings of the butterfly do not fully develop as the tension in getting out which forces blood into the wings was removed.

Diligent students make great future educators and leaders. Ones that posses knowledge more than can be measured in 7.5 stars.