Consider this section on Spirit from the Sivasamhita translated by SRISCHANDRA BASU, B. A., F. T. S.

  1. All this universe, moveable or immoveable, has come out of Intelligence. Renouncing everything else, take shelter of it (Intelligence).
  2. As space pervades a jar both in and out, similarly within and beyond this ever changing universe there exists one universal Spirit.
  3. As the space pervading the five false states of matter, does not mix with them, so the Spirit does not mix with this ever changing universe.
  4. From gods down to this material universe all are pervaded by one Spirit. There is one Sachchidananda (Existence, Intelligence and Bliss) all-pervading and secondless.
  5. Since it is not illumined by another, therefore self-luminous; and for that self-luminosity, the Spirit is like the light.
  6. Since the Spirit is not limited by time, or space or form, it is therefore infinite, all-pervading and full.
  7. Since the Spirit is unlike this world, which is composed of five states of matter, that are false and subject to destruction, therefore it is eternal. It is never destroyed.
  8. Save and beyond it, there is no other substance, therefore, it is one; without it everything else is false; therefore, it is True Existence.
  9. Since in this world created by ignorance, sorrows are destroyed and happiness gained through it, and through its knowledge immunity from all sorrow ensues; therefore the Spirit is Bliss.
  10. Since from knowledge of that Cause of the universe, ignorance is destroyed, therefore the Spirit is Knowledge; and this Knowledge is everlasting.
  11. That Spirit from which this manifold universe existing in time takes its origin is one, and unthinkable.
  12. Neither ether, air, fire water, earth, their force, nor the gods are full [perfect]; the Spirit alone is so.
  13. All these external substances will perish in the course of time; [but] that Spirit which is indescribable (will exist) without a second.

Consider this application in practice and living:

When we go beyond we need an anchor. Anchor within our own self. Even if the self is a small construct of the larger Self. Be it indestructible, beyond measure and quality, of no worldly substance, etc., the ability to acknowledge, the actual acknowledgement of our own existence provides that anchor. If we see that reception of us, the divine within, a fixed point of limitlessness we are less worried, struck or set back by ideals, Gods, concepts, and even the process of transformation. There is no urgency to get to the end nor even be mindful but to empty the mind other than the one thought: I am Intelligence.